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Alteration FAQ'sUpdated a year ago

Q: What constitutes an alteration?

A: Any thing that requires a change to an item from how it was produced at the factory.

  • All pant inseams are hemmed per order.
  • Wing Eyelets are typically added in house per order.
  • Torso reductions
  • All finished blazers
  • Embroidery
  • Any thing that requires a change to an item from how it was produced at the factory.

Q: Are all altered items non-returnable?

A: No, not necessarily! Pants that have been hemmed and pilot shirts with eyelets are returnable as long as they are in Returnable Condition.

Examples of alterations that are not returnable:

  • Torso reductions
  • Any sleeve or collar alteration
  • Pocket alterations
  • Leg tapering
  • Embroidery
  • Anything that alters the original condition of an item that is not a standard pant inseam or a standard/Delta width eyelet.

Q: I ordered items with alterations. How long will it take my for order to ship?

A: Generally, orders with alterations will ship in 3 - 7 business days. Our order processing time for alterations may vary with our volume and we will make every effort to keep our website updated with accurate processing times.  

*Please note, your item may be backordered, in which case our stated processing times would not apply, and you would instead need to look at the expected ship date of your specific product.

Q: I received the wrong altered item, or I believe the alteration is incorrect. Now what?

A: While we try our best to eliminate all mistakes, they do occasionally happen. If you feel we have made an error with your altered item, please Contact Us using subject line "Other" and a Representative will contact you with the next steps.  To expedite the process, if possible, please attach any relevant pictures and measurements.  

Q: I have a non-ACA brand item that I want altered. Can I bring it to you?

A: Alterations on A Cut Above brand items are heavily discounted (think package deal).  We will alter non-ACA brand items at full retail price. There may be times where our volume will not allow for us to alter non-ACA items. Please Contact Us for more information.  

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