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What is the difference between cuts?Updated a year ago

  • Fitted - Our slimmest cut through the shoulder, torso, waist, and sleeves. Appropriate for slim builds and those with proportionally large necks. 
  • Tapered - The best selling moderate fit that provides some ease without being overly bulky. A good all around fit for over 50% of our customers. 
  • Relaxed - A straight cut through the body and larger sleeves for a relaxed look. For a loose fit, the more rotund, or those extra broad in the shoulders. 
  • Shirt Length - Tall or Regular? Our guidance is to only order the Tall if you are 6’3” or above. The Tall shirts have an extra 1.5” in the body and ¾” in the sleeve. Our shirts are intentionally long to remain tucked in. Long Sleeves are regular length unless the sleeve length selected is 36/37” These long sleeves also have Tall Length bodies.
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