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Product VariationsUpdated a year ago

Due to factory closures during Covid, we have had to source new manufacturers. Our new manufacturers are producing the highest quality products which are very similar to our products in the past. We are still in production with two of our manufacturers that we have always used.

All fabric is checked for color (with our pantone machine), weight, quality, and wash/wear/durability before we go into production. If one of these items does not pass, we start over again with new fabric. It's a very lengthy process, especially if we have to start over again because of one of the specifications not meeting our standards.

Fabric weight can feel different by the weave. If it's a tighter weave, it will feel heavier, if it's a lighter weave, it feels lighter. However, it all weighs the same. Each blend of fabric has a weight specification that it has to meet with us. Once we go into production, samples of each style are sent to us from the factory to measure and make sure everything is within our tolerance, and to see if any changes need to be made. Measurements are also taken of top samples twice during production, and once they arrive into our warehouse. We have over 30 points of measures just on shirts. Our shirts are all handmade, and our measurements have tolerances. For example, across the half chest, we have 1/4", give/take, when laid flat. The length of the shirt has 1/2" tolerance, give/take.

Any improvements/changes done to our products are based on customer surveys, reviews, feedback, and comments on the phone/in store.

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