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PillingUpdated a year ago

Pilling is a common issue with many fabrics.  We often see pilling where the harness rub on shirts, or occasionally on the seat of pants.  

The best thing you can do for your wardrobe is to Purchase A Sweater Shaver.  A quick shave of the problem areas often permanently fixes the pilling.  Even a disposable razor can accomplish the same thing for a quick and inexpensive solution.  This method works for shirts, suiting, and most items in your closet.  

Our Tropo fabric is more prone to pilling than our other fabrics. This has been a difficult issue to control on this fabric but we are working again to change the yarn structures of this fabric for future productions.  We continue selling this item as the fabric is incredibly popular and less than 5% of customers are finding the shirts unsatisfactory.  However, pilling is a real issue and we understand it is not working for you. 

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